Nigel started off as an apprentice in the security industry before moving on to the electrical side. As a young electrician Nigel was chosen to represent New Zealand at World Skills after completing the national competition. A competition where, the best of the best aged 18 - 21 years in their chosen trade compete and put their workmanship and knowledge to the test.
After finishing his apprenticeship, Nigel carried on working for one of Wellingtons largest electrical firms in their small contracts and maintenance team. After being poached by a smaller company to act as a foreman,he then went on to become the contracts manager and then on to running the electrical business.
In 2009 Nigel decided it was time to take the plunge and go for it for himself. With a wide range of knowledge and quite a few loyal customers he started Cable & Sparks Electrical Ltd. In the middle of a "recession", Nigel developed a small but reliable company. Nigel put in the hard yards and started developing strong new relationships, of which many still stand today stronger than ever before.




After Traveling the world and settling in New Zealand, Gavin now calls this country home and the "All Blacks" are his team. Gavin had previously worked alongside Nigel before joining him at Cable & Sparks Electrical. Since joining Nigel in 2013 he has become a loyal workmate and good friend to Nigel and his family. Whether its helping each other out on the job or enjoying the Rugby, V8's or stockcars Gavin's loyalty and friendship has been undoubtedly one of the reasons Nigel has been able to develop the company into what it is today. Always willing to do the hard yards and learn new skills, Gavin is always doing the job right the first time and never wants to take a shortcut. His planning and execution in everything he does means that Nigel can let him loose on jobs without having to be there looking over his shoulder. Nigel knows that Gavin will always do the job right and if he has done something a particular way, there will be a reason for it.